Smart Meter Installation

18 Feb 20 Category: category1

Old electricity meter that records an Indian household’s power consumption is acknowledged only once a month, when someone from the power utility arrives to take the reading and generate a bill. The process is lengthy, corruption-prone, and the distribution company has to invest heavily in the manpower required to read every meter, every month.

This process, however, could soon become a thing of the past thanks to smart meters. These devices send real-time data on a household’s energy consumption directly to the utility. Power can be instantly cut off if there are unpaid bills and it can also be restored as soon as the dues are cleared. With increasing demand of electricity every year, India is on path of transforming energy mix with innovation. To bring this desired change, a new type of digital smart meter is being introduced with accurate readings and prepaid facilities. These ‘smart meters’ can bring efficiency to how India manages its electricity, by checking data-entry errors and billing efficiencies, and cutting the costs of manual meter reading through web-based monitoring system.

For implementing this Central Government has opened tenders across India and we are one of the few Companies who are working on this project.  We are looking for the ground level vendors with a good experience in this line of work and are willing to provide man-power for the completion of this project. "Bigger the team, bigger the earning" as the project is worth hundreds of crores. Long term commitment is the key of better earning here.

We have this project available on PAN India basis. Right now this project is going on in various locations in western UP. This project carries a value of worth 7 crores per district. Interested vendors can call to get the desired information regarding this project.

Last Updated: 18 Feb 20