HVAC Solution


Silicon Solar Toshiba VRF offers solutions for all applications,residential to commercial .The wide choice of stylish indoor units each designed to blend with every interiors and advance filtration system to deliver optimum indoor air quality, a perfect harmony of performance and energy efficiency.

Ducted Splits

Silicon Solar Carrier ’s ducted air conditioning systems provide superior climate control for your home and office , in a neat and functional installation which won’t detract from the design of your dwelling. WithCarrier ducted air conditioners, perfectly temperature controlled air will flow through vents on the ceiling or on the wall, cooling your home and office in summer and heating it in winter..

Cassette Air Conditioner

Silicon Solar The Digital Inverter Series of cassettes are unobtrusive and flexible which can easily blend in with any room interior. It is the ideal solution for applications where a ceiling void is present and easy access is required for maintenance and filter cleaning.


Silicon Solar With its slim-line design the high-wall unit is ideal for offices, restaurants and other applications where elegance is required.

Tower AC

Tower AC These ACs can be considered akin to trolley coolers, but different in build. The tower ACs are portable and comprise two units- internal and external. While the indoor unit can be placed at any corner of the room, the outdoor unit is installed outside the house to throw out the warm air. Although these ACs are highly efficient when it comes to cooling the rooms, they tend to occupy floor space and hence are not ideal if you have a space crunch.

Split Console

Split Console Console (floor-ceiling) units can be used for low-wall or ceiling suspended mounting. They incorporate the latest Toshiba technology and are ideal for residential applications, but also for offices and shops.