Bio Diesel

Bio DieselBIODIESEL is a clean burning, Eco-Friendly natural fuel obtained from TREE BORN OILS by a Chemical transformation process called TRANSESTERIFICATION carried out in a Chemical Processing Plant. Transesterfication is an age old chemical process and is a time tested method of Transforming Vegetable oils or fats into Biodiesel (Alkyl Esters of Fatty acids) and Glycerine plus some soaps etc.
Biodiesel as a fuel not only helps reducing the pollution, reduces health hazards and gives our society A CLEANER AND GREENER TOMORROW. 1. Easy to use:
2. Power & Performance:
3. Emissions & Greenhouse Gas Reduction:
Compared to diesel, biodiesel effects on engine exhaust are in the table that follows: B100 refers to neat biodiesel; B20 refers to 20% biodiesel blended with Diesel:

HC 36.73% reduction with B100 7.35% reduction with B20
CO 46.23% reduction with B100 9.25% reduction with B20
PM 68.07% reduction with B100 13.61% reduction with B20
SOx(3) 100% reduction with B100 20% reduction with B20

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