ATM Installation

ATM Installation Automated Teller Machine enables the clients of a bank to have access to their account without going to the bank. This is achieved only by development the application usingonline concepts. When the product is implemented, the user who uses this product will be able to see allthe information and services provided by the ATM, when he enters the necessary optionand arguments. The product also provides services like request for cheques, depositcash and other advanced requirement of the user. The data is stored in the database andis retrieved whenever necessary. The implementation needs ATM machine hardware tooperate or similar simulated conditions can also be used to successfully use thedeveloped product.To develop this ATM system the entire operation has been divided into the followingstep:
1.verification process
2. language, service and account selection
3. Banking services
4. Transactions
5. Special services
The program is designed in such a way that the user has to card and pin number. Once verified, he is provided a menu and he/she had to enter the option provided in themenu. For example, when the user wants to view the list of payment history thanhe/she had to enter the option for payment history provided in the main menu. Whenthe option is entered alone with the respective argument, then the payment history isdisplayed on the screen.The user also must be given option to browse through the pages like previous page, nextpage, etc. The user may experience a delay in retrieving or viewing the data, when thereare many users logged on to the same bank branch system.
Need for the ATM system: Millions of times per day around the globe people are instantly withdrawing money atautomatic teller machines (ATMs). Given the fast-pace of the world today, it is notsurprising that the demand for access to quick cash is so immense. The power of ATMs

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